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"We visualize what is yet to be built. Enabling brands to market, sell & grow (faster)."

Box Media is a Belgian - Portuguese 3D & VR company specialized in creating high-end 3d visuals for architects and real estate developers.

We are a team of creatives with experience in CGI, architecture, marketing, photography and graphic design.

What we do

We continually strive to create convincing and realistic visual content.

Our main focus? Nailing the perfect lighting and composition to give our images that photo-realistic and wow-factor feel.

How we do it

We believe in giving our images that extra dimension. That's why we dig a little deeper, asking the tough questions: What's the story behind it? What's your goal with the image? How do you want the viewer to feel? Who is the target audience here?

By understanding your audience, we can incorporate their interests into the images, ensuring that our work resonates with them and makes a lasting impact.

Armed with these insights, we can start crafting top-notch images that are bound to make an impact.


Let's visualize what the future will look like

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